Lee Furniture Uniquely Yours.

Lee Industries

Image courtesy of Country Living magazine June 2013.

Nothing says home like furniture and accessories uniquely yours. Yes, you can find great styles from online store but, how many other people are thinking the same thing and purchasing the same chair or couch? Haven’t you ever looked at that glossy page of Traditional Home or House Beautiful wondered where did they get that piece, I love it!  That’s what’s so wonderful about Lee Industries custom furniture, each piece is custom-made for you. You may not know Lee, but I can assure you , you’ve seen it many times in those same magazines and more. The furniture designs are classic to contemporary and the fabrics amazing. The whole idea is that it’s yours, designed by you ordered by us and delivered to your door.

Lee Industries Sofa

Sofa by Lee Industries. Photo courtesy of Southern Living Magazine

And as for price, Meli Melo Home Furnishings discounts Lee at 25% OFF everyday. So next time your looking through those magazines, read the captions or look in the back resources, you’ll see it’s Lee.

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