Spring Forward

Turn clocks ahead one hour and finally look forward to longer days. With Spring Fever also comes the desire to get our house in order, open the windows and freshen up all the rooms in our home. Here’s some ideas to get you started.


Clear off your refrigerator door and make room for new seasonal invites!
Why not purchase a few bright colored plates and bowls to add color to your glass fronted cabinets.

Bring winter coats and sweaters to the cleaners, and then store them properly in a cool, clean, dry place.

Add a pot of Moss, Aloe Vera or Bamboo to a shelf, they all do especially well with humidity and add a lovely shade of green.

Living Room
Clean out your fireplace. If you have one and you’ve used it all winter, avoid letting debris sit through the spring.
Think of new Artwork groupings.
Bring in a beautiful mirror to reflect the sunlight.
Place some colorful pillows and throws.

Launder or dry clean draperies and curtains—get them ready to put up once all your “Spring Cleaning” is complete.
While your orientals are out getting a much needed cleaning, think of switching to brighter lighter rugs to dress up underfoot.
Colorful linens are an easy way to switch over your seasonal look, think of your sheets, shower curtains, even dish towels and table runners.

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